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social media

9 Benefits of Social Media for Business

Having your business or brand on social media is a sure way in gaining online presence and recognition. If your business or brand…
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social media

9 Ways to Optimize your Social Media Bio for Maximum Followers

A social media bio is a short public summary, an introduction to what a person, brand or business is about on social media…
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Website Design in the 21st Century

Maintaining a fruitful business without an advanced nearness (e.g owning a website) would resemble driving a games auto with no gas. Having an…
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inbound marketing


Inbound marketing has changed the substance of advertising from an unbending type of showcasing to an intelligent type of showcasing. Inbound advertising considers…
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high ranking google

Rank Your WordPress Site High on GOOGLE

To rank your wordpress site high on Google, there are tricks for this to be achieved. However, in this article we will be…
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content marketing


Measuring online content marketing overall is important. It is important to regularly seat down and review your goals. This ensures the times you…
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online content

The Visibility of Online Content

Content creation for online presence can be time consuming. However, there are various tactics of ensuring the visibility of online content account is…
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Content Creation Format

Online content creation comes in various formats, rising from case studies, E-books, infographics, images and videos. Each of this format comes with its…
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content segmentation

Content Segmentation: Reaching the Right Audience

We are all different personalities and when creating an online content, it is good to have your audience (i.e. content segmentation) at the…
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content marketing

Content Marketing: Engagement Funnel

With the presence of many brands online, getting the attention of customers is important and the only way to achieve this is through…
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